Vaginal Odor and WaterWorks

>> Friday, July 3, 2015

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Vaginal odor is an embarrassing problem and can interfere with intimacy because, well who wants him down there with that problem, right? Most everything we are taught to do can actually worsen vaginal odor, like douching or washing with harsh soaps and/or cleansers. They even make feminine hygiene sprays to cover up the odor like perfume or deodorant we use on other parts of our body. Of course that's just silly & desperate really.

As a gynecologist my best recommendation to you when you take your shower is to be sure to allow the soap suds to gently run over and lather the pubic and groin area but don't scrub or allow the soap to get inside the vagina. Never douche. Not even with medicated solutions, diluted lemon juice or vinegar solutions. Daily soap usage inside the vagina or douching will cause an imbalance of the normal flora (bacterial environment) which is there to fight off the unwanted smelly bacteria that can also be associated with infections.

You may know this but let's just go over it to refresh your memory, ok? The normal bacterial flora in the vagina is predominantly lactobacilli which keeps the vagina slightly acidic to prevent the overgrowth of unwanted, smelly bacteria & yeast. It is also the main bacteria used to culture milk into yogurt. Wow! So that is why the vagina usually has a very pleasant smell or taste, or often no smell or taste.

So what causes the imbalances that bring on the odors? Mostly things like our period or sex, and also the many hormone imbalances we go through with childbirth, menopause or our monthly cycles. Blood is normal pH & this rise in pH encourages the abnormal bacterial & yeast growth.
Semen is sugary & normal pH to keep those sperm alive for their long journey.

But recently, within the past few years, a new product called WaterWorks has been out that is FDA approved for the treatment of chronic vaginal odor. I personally saw it first on a daytime tv show called "The Doctors". I was so excited that I made an order cause I wanted to see for myself if it worked. It did.

WaterWorks is a reusable vaginal cleansing system. It has a sturdy bag that is filled with warm shower water with durable tubing and a stainless steel tip that is inserted into the vagina. During your shower you release the warm water and let it flow into your vagina. The stainless steel reacts with the vaginal mucosa in such a way that it removes odor immediately. Chefs in restaurants do the same, in that they have stainless steel bars they use to strong odors like onion & garlic off their hands.

The amazing thing is that WaterWorks can be used everyday, or to rinse period blood out and many women use it right after sex to rinse semen out right away which prevents odor. The water gently sprinkles out so you never have to worry about pushing bacteria upward into your uterus & tubes.

I love WaterWorks because it really works for my patients and they aren't using medication over and over again. Many of them have struggled for years with no hope & now after one use their odor is gone.

I hope this helps you so you can finally get some relief & feel good & confident. It's always a good idea to see your doctor to make sure you don't have an infection or other problem. Then go to our website; or & check out WaterWorks. Let me know if u have any other questions, be safe, and have a wonderful week.
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