Does Birth Control Affect Sex Drive?

>> Friday, June 26, 2015

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Amber’s question this week is, "Can birth control pills lower my sex drive?"

The answer to that is, "Yes, anything that manipulates your hormones can affect your sex drive negatively or positively." This includes hormone injections, patches, rings or implants.

Birth control prevents ovulation by blocking certain surges in hormone levels that signal the body to ovulate an egg. If an egg isn’t available for fertilization, then pregnancy will not occur but these hormone surges also regulate a woman's sexual desire.

Sexual desire rises during the hormone surges that cause ovulation. This makes sense because that is the best time to get pregnant and propagate the species. If women have been on birth control for many years, it can have a profound effect on their sexual desire, leaving them and their partners frustrated.

This is why so many women have been choosing non-hormonal forms of reversible birth control (like the newer IUD's or condoms), or permanent forms (like Essure or tubal ligation).

Of course, sexual desire is a complicated combination of many things. It can be physical, physiological or hormonal. It can also have a lot to do with what is going on in the relationship. If a woman feels comfortable and beautiful and there is good communication, then that can help.

Once off the pill for one month, it is a good idea to have your hormone levels checked to be sure your body has adjusted back to its normal balance.

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