How to Smell Fresh Down There?

>> Thursday, May 28, 2015

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This week I bunched together the questions or worries I hear from many of my readers out there and lots of you who come into my office each week for appointments. This week a patient came in and asked a common question: “I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I shower several times a day, and I still do not smell fresh down there! What can I do? I am so worried that people next to me can smell me.”

This is such a common and distressing problem. Not only does it destroy a woman’s confidence, but it can also put a real strain on her sexual intimacy.

Before you attempt any type of self-treatment, you should first visit your gynecologist to be sure you do not have an STD or vaginal infection. Any type of vaginal infection can cause unwanted odor and irritation with discharge.

The most common infections with odors are caused from imbalances of the normal bacterial environment (or flora) in the vagina. Most of the time this is corrected by using an oral or vaginal form of a certain antibiotic. This can be very effective, but because vaginal odors are often caused by bacterial imbalances of the natural vaginal flora, it is often only a temporary fix.

I think because odors are usually (and often erroneously) linked with poor hygiene, many woman become so distressed that they may resort to using over-the-counter douches, feminine hygiene sprays or other products that just cover up the odor and can actually worsen the problem.

The best product on the market today to help with vaginal odor is WaterWorks. It has been FDA cleared for this purpose, and unlike douching, WaterWorks does not use any chemicals which can disrupt the normal vaginal ecosystem. The gentle downward sprinkling action of WaterWorks does not irritate the vagina nor push bad bacteria further up into your cervix Its unique design allows you to use it in the privacy of your own shower, and it is reusable, so you don’t have to spend money repeatedly for products that do not work.

WaterWorks destroys odor causing bacteria through its unique design, using gently flowing water and a medical-grade stainless-steel nozzle to naturally eliminate feminine odor.

This product is safe enough to be used every day for feminine hygiene purposes, for rinsing out semen after sex or to wash away old blood after your period. No wonder women love it! You will too. You may have struggled with odor for years, but find it is gone after just the first use of WaterWorks.

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