Pain When I Pee After Sex?

>> Thursday, June 4, 2015

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Many of you are asking me if it is normal to have a sensation of burning and pain when you pee after having sex. Well, yes, it can, depending on a few things. Pain that comes after sex should resolve on its own within a few hours. If it is due to a bladder or vaginal infection, it may get worse as time goes on and you may need medication.

During sex, the repeated thrusting motion, especially if there is not enough lubrication, can cause soreness or a rash that feels like a burn around your urethra, clitoris and outer vagina. It can also feel the same inside your vagina, depending on what time of the month it is. Why is this? Because the tissues are many times more sensitive during ovulation and a week after, due to hormone changes in your body.

Of course, sex lasting longer than an hour, and trying different positions and sex toys can also contribute to soreness and irritation.
Soaking in a warm bath after sex can provide some relief. So can time. You can also use a soothing moisturizer externally, like natural coconut oil. But, if you notice abnormal discharge or burning when you pee, and the irritation doesn't get better, you may need to be seen by your doctor.

Here's another question I often get: Does birth control make it harder to get pregnant after you stop using it? Many of you worry about why there is a delay in the return of your period after stopping the pill. This is called post-pill amenorrhea, and it is common, but it has nothing to do with fertility. It has no impact on whether you can get pregnant. In general, if you were able to get pregnant before starting on birth control, you will be able to get pregnant after stopping birth control.

The reason this happens is because of the way birth control works. Birth control pills, injections, implants and IUDs cause the lining of the uterus, the endometrium, to be thinned by progesterone, which is why periods are shorter with less bleeding while on birth control. This lining will regenerate and thicken up to normal once birth control is stopped. The thinning of the lining while on birth control is a positive affect for those who have painful, heavy periods, and since we aren't wanting pregnancy at that time we don't need a thick lining for implantation of the embryo.

Once we stop birth control, our own hormones take over and rebuild the lining quickly. In fact, women are more fertile after stopping birth control because now the ovaries are free to ovulate and actually super ovulate. That means they will pop out 4 or 5 eggs with each cycle for the first 6 months, rather than just one. This makes you more likely to get pregnant with twins or triplets in those first 6 months. Birth control is cleared from your system within 48 hours to a week. So you can get pregnant immediately after stopping the pill. The injection may be different and take your system longer to clear it and normalize.

Sometimes the hormone imbalance can cause unpleasant vaginal odor. This bothers most of us, of course, but it is due to hormone imbalance, not an infection. Either way, it can be bothersome and embarrassing during sex.

This is when using WaterWorks can be of help to remove the odor as your hormones rebalance. It can be used daily or to clean out old period blood or semen after sex. It is reusable and safe, as no chemicals are used.
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