Is a Yeast Infection Causing The "Fishy Smell"?

>> Friday, December 4, 2015

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So many of you are concerned about vaginal odor and come in for testing worried something may be seriously wrong. Others are just frustrated because they have an odor that never really goes away.

Yeast infection is not usually the culprit of "fishy”- type odors. Yeast infection can cause a change in the normal odor of your discharge. It may smell similar to the smell of bread or beer. This kind of odor is often described as a "sour" smell, rather than "fishy". Yeast infections are also mostly known for their intense itching and white discharge that is sometimes described as “cottage cheese”-like.

"Fishy" odors are associated with bacterial infections such as Bacterial Vaginosis ('BV'). You may have had one or both of these types of infections. They are very common and are not passed sexually. They are not STD's, although partners of women with yeast infection may notice external itchiness after sex (this is uncommon and will usually go away quickly without treatment).

Your body, GI tract and vagina naturally have bacteria and yeast living in them. They are there for a purpose - to create a balance. The problems (infections/odors) come when the vaginal ecosystem gets imbalanced, which allows the 'bad' bacteria to take over. Normally the 'good' bacteria are in abundance, which is what is needed to maintain a low, acidic environment. This is the vagina's defense against infections and unpleasant odors.

I think the greatest concern is how we keep everything in balance to keep the 'bad' bacteria from taking over, and causing unwanted odors, BV and yeast infections. Sex, your menstrual cycle, medications, birth control pills, hormone changes in pregnancy or menopause and over-the-counter treatments (especially douching with over the counter (OTC) douches) can all upset the vaginal balance.

I know by the time patients come and talk to me about unpleasant fishy odor, it has become a very embarrassing problem that can interfere with intimacy. Some women worry that it is a hygiene problem and somehow they are not staying clean enough. Many women find temporary relief, but the odor returns no matter how many times they shower or try to rinse out their vagina. Most of the time this just makes it worse, because all this cleaning and douching is only destroying the 'good' bacteria with the 'bad', leaving your vagina defenseless. So everything rebounds back, over and over, causing fear and frustration.

But it is not a hygiene problem; rather the pH and normal flora balance just need to be restored. WaterWorks Feminine Cleansing System is used for so many women for odor without infection(s). WaterWorks is all-natural and you don't need to turn to pharmaceuticals to rid yourself of this recurrent odor problem. Many women are using it daily to clean their vagina and find that it is perfect for rinsing out semen after sex and residue of blood from their cycle. As I said above, it’s the semen and blood from your menstrual cycle that can create the imbalance in the vaginal ecosystem and raise the pH, causing the unpleasant odor.

WaterWorks is the only FDA cleared vaginal cleansing system that uses only tap water flowing through a stainless steel nozzle that gently rinses and cleanses the vagina. It is the reaction of running water with stainless steel contacting the vaginal walls that removes the odor. The best thing is, it is reusable and comes with a water reservoir and tubing that connects to the stainless steel nozzle for insertion. You do not have to continue to buy OTC douching products that don't work or pay co-pays on prescribed medications that only work temporarily.

WaterWorks has been the only product to work for so many women to eliminate unpleasant odor, and so many have had results the first time they used. It can help you to keep infection away, maintain a healthy vaginal ecosystem, and allow you to feel more confident. I truly hope this has answered your question and helped you this week.
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