Is it Safe to Douche to Remove Vaginal Discharge or Odors?

>> Friday, November 20, 2015

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This is probably one of the most confusing decisions that women make about their personal hygiene.

Just go to the corner drug store and see how many feminine hygiene products are available. You’ll find many packages of premixed, disposable douches of various types and scents. I was asked today by a patient who had just had a c-section a few weeks ago when I felt it would be OK for her to start douching again! But the majority of women won't even ask their doctor about douching because they know that most gynecologists are against it altogether.

For many girls in their early teens, douching is taught as part of their personal hygiene by their mothers or older siblings. The applicators and empty boxes are seen discarded in the wastebasket just like pads and tampon wrappers. Most girls don’t consider that douching could in any way be an unhealthy practice. They think, “Why would stores sell them if they were not safe to use?” Some women feel unfinished or unclean if they are unable to douche after their monthly cycle or intercourse. Others incorporate it into their daily bathing routine.

Unfortunately, these same women who are hoping to clean their vaginal area with douches can actually completely disrupt the natural vaginal pH and flora, setting the vagina up for odors, discharge and recurrent yeast and bacterial infections. The normal vaginal pH is about 4.0, and it is this acidic environment that prevents the overgrowth of unfriendly bacteria as seen in bacterial vaginosis or recurrent yeast infections. Changing the vaginal pH with douching can invite overgrowth and infections.

Vaginal discharge is normal, and should only cause concern if it has a very strong, unusual odor or is causing irritation, itching or burning during urination. If this happens, it is important to get examined by your doctor.

It is estimated by ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) that 20 - 40 percent of women age 15 - 44 douche at least once a week to remove blood, discharge and odors. Clearly, there is much confusion among women who are struggling with recurrent infections and odors. The vagina, if left alone is usually able to maintain a low pH and clean itself. But many of you are continually struggling with unwanted vaginal odors and recurrent yeast and bacterial infections. Because of this, you are prescribed oral medications, antibiotics, and vaginal creams over and over. And the temptation to douche is still there, because the odors keep coming back.

Luckily a remarkable new product I have discovered along with my patients, called WaterWorks, has absolutely changed the lives of so many women. It is a special, reusable vaginal cleansing system that uses just plain tap water. It is used in the shower, and what makes it so special is the stainless steel nozzle that sprinkles water out gently. It is the reaction of the stainless steel with the water and vaginal mucosa that eliminates (not covers up) odor. Odor can be eliminated the first time it is used! The system does not change vaginal pH, nor does it destroy the good bacteria and natural flora.

If you haven't checked it out, now is the time. Just go to and see what you're missing. Leave the old douches behind, and start on a journey of refreshment and healing.
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