Do I Need to Cleanse Inside My Vagina Before My Yearly Exam?

>> Thursday, November 21, 2013

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The yearly gyn exam can be very stressful for most women. We can worry about our health, the outcome of tests, how to ask uncomfortable questions and sometimes worry about having the most private parts of our bodies examined. The purpose of the yearly exam, as we've discussed previously, is to do an annual pap test to check for cancer and HPV virus, do the breast exam (and schedule a mammogram if needed), do a pelvic exam to check for any ovarian, uterine or pelvic masses, answer questions and do lab tests.

Your doctor will examine the external genitalia and inside the vagina, inspect the cervix and perform a pap smear. This makes many women wonder whether they need to clean inside their vagina before the exam, and if so, how to do so in order to assure the best exam results. The best answer to this from a gynecologist viewpoint (and as a woman myself) is: of course....but do it properly! We all want to feel clean and be ready for the best exam, but it’s important not to clean so much that there is nothing left to be examined and sent to the lab.

For the best exam, prepare starting 48 hours ahead of time abstain from vaginal sex, use of lubricants, gels, foams, feminine deodorant sprays, or using soap internally. Cleansing externally is fine as is shaving or waxing excess pubic hair. It is best to shave or wax a few days before your exam is to reduce sensitivity or irritation during the exam. Just do what makes you feel comfortable.

All of you by now have heard about WaterWorks Vaginal Cleansing System, which is a wonderful way to clean your vagina naturally without the use of drugs or chemicals that can cause more irritation and more infection. The chemical cleansers can cause a cycle that never ends, where you think the odor is gone for a day or two, and then it coms right back and harmful to the vaginal eco-system! With WaterWorks, getting ready for your annual exam is easy. WaterWorks can be used every day or even two to three times a day if you shower that many times. It can be used after vaginal sex to rinse out semen and prevent odor and persistent discharge afterwards. Unlike the 48 hours restriction we place on other vaginal products or activities, but with WaterWorks you only need to abstain for 24 hours prior to your exam.

The reason for this is that WaterWorks uses only tap water and medical grade stainless steel nozzle to cleanse the vagina. Women who have struggled for years with vaginal discharge and odor have had results the first time they use it! No more spending money on pills, medication, vaginal gels, or douches. WaterWorks can be used again and again and you never need to buy any extra parts or solutions because it uses only tap water. How wonderful. As a physician, this made me so happy for my patients.

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