Can PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) Occur Without a Partner Bringing an STD?

>> Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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A woman recently asked me whether PID can occur from causes other than their partners bringing an STD to them.

The answer is, yes, it is absolutely possible to get PID without our sexual partners cheating and bringing an STD to us.

But, it is true that, many times, PID can be caused from our partners giving us Chlamydia or gonorrhea. If this goes undetected and untreated it can become a super infection called PID and move into our uterus, tubes, ovaries, abdomen and pelvis.

If couples have oral sex this can even put women at risk for Chlamydia or gonorrhea pneumonia or meningitis. The same is true for couples that have anal intercourse and may be transferring bacteria from the anal area to the vaginal region. This is why using WaterWorks immediately after sex can really help avoid these types of infections by helping us clear out the semen and abnormal bacteria.

Women may often show positive blood cultures for bacteria. Because there are many strains of bacteria naturally in the vagina, and if a woman has even a slight shift of the bacterial flora causing a leaning towards bacterial vaginosis, these abnormal bacteria can cause PID.

This is a serious illness that usually requires hospitalization for IV antibiotics. Women can become so sick that they can experience fevers, chills, vomiting, vaginal bleeding and discharge.

Remember, unless your PID was definitely caused by Chlamydia or gonorrhea, which would show up on the cultures that were done, then he may not have cheated on you. Okay?
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