Recurrent Vaginal Yeast and Bacterial Infections.

>> Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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These type of infections are common, and they tend to increase in frequency and recurrence as the weather warms up. Several of you have had these off and on for awhile, but are now coming in because of "little cuts" that you are noticing around the labia and vaginal opening.

The skin around the genital area is so sensitive and delicate that it is common to see areas of breakdown associated with constant infections and moisture. Clothing can trap moisture against our skin, preventing it from breathing, and cause a yeast-based rash to occur externally. This can occur over the mons pubis (where most of the pubic hair grows), down around the labia and vaginal opening, groin & leg creases, under arms, breasts and tummy folds.

These rashes can cause extreme irritation and itching called genital puritis, and this can lead to skin breakdown and little cuts forming where clothing rubs or skin stress occurs during intercourse. These are not serious and will heal with time as the vaginal infections clear. There are wonderful creams that can be used to help facilitate healing and relieve the itching and temptation to scratch that area.

In extreme cases, it can be beneficial to wear underwear similar to men's boxers so that the elastic bands do not continue to rub and injure the skin. Keeping the area as dry as possible helps, as can using a blow dryer on medium heat to gently dry all the creases after showering and before putting any creams or medications on the area. This can also help to clear boils, ingrown hair follicles, and sebaceous cysts that pop up in that area.

It sounds silly to do all this, but we take so much care to keep the skin on our face clear and healthy, yet forget that a little extra care in the vaginal area can prevent recurrent problems. It can be a source of embarrassment to have "blemishes" all over the labia and upper thighs, and it can interfere with intimacy and confidence with our partners.

It is such a common problem, but with a just a little care, it can be completely cleared. I hope this saves you from a little worry and helps you to know how common this problem is. You are not alone, as so many women struggle with this. My next blog will continue to provide more information on this problem so we can continue to learn more and more.

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