Treating Pruritis due to recurrent bacterial infection or yeast

>> Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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Recurrent yeast and bacterial infections bring with them an increase in vaginal discharge, odor and discomfort. Many of you are frustrated because you shower several times a day and still feel that there is no change or that things may even get worse.

Monica came in at the end last week concerned because she had been experiencing abnormal, heavier vaginal discharge, but also was worried because she noticed little cuts or tears forming around her vaginal opening and inner labial area. She had tried several over-the-counter creams and gels, but none were helping. Her STD work up was negative.

These little cuts were painful and she was worried they could represent something like herpes or cancer. I am using her example today because so many of you have experienced the same. I examined her external genitalia which is looking at the labia majora and minora, (outer and inner vaginal lips respectively) and vaginal opening. She had lots of creamy gray-white discharge and extreme puritis (related to itching), of the labia and vaginal area where I located the small abrasions. I see this type of skin lesion all the time during long-standing infections due to the constant moisture and the rubbing of the panty elastic or panty liners against the skin.

More women suffer from these types of infections and the skin breakdown associated with it than any other type. Often I find from talking to a patient, that they feel as though they are the only one, but I see three to four each day and the skin is involved 85% of the time. The skin is harder to treat and you have to learn what to do so the problem doesn't get out-of-control.

First it is best to trim your pubic hair for awhile instead of shaving until the cuts heal. If you are waxing, you can ask your estetician, otherwise I would say no. Try to wear underwear with a full panel of all cotton material until healing occurs and that cover the vaginal/perineal area. Refrain from wearing g-string undies, they afford no protection and will irritate the area. Don't use powder as it can get into the tears and prevent healing. Use only the creams prescribed by your doctor. I also recommend that you use a blow dryer to dry the area after your shower but carefully use the medium or low warm settings.

If you take care of yourself this should quickly and you will feel better in no time. Once you have checked with your doctor and you know the results of any tests, and you have been cleared for STDs or other infections, it is a good idea to look into purchasing a WaterWorks device to aide you in continuing your growth in personnal hygeine and care.

WaterWorks is FDA cleared and an excellent way of naturally managing daily feminine hygeine to help prevent vaginal odor problems and decrease vaginal discharge.
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