Handling Menopause

>> Friday, August 26, 2011

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Wow! The weeks are just flying past us, which in some ways I don’t mind as I look forward to cooler days and evenings. Of course then summer will be ending and all the children returning to school (okay, so we are all happy about that), and another year will have passed us by.
I want to take the last two weeks and pull them into this week to help us all to have good understanding on female hypo-sexual disorder and orgasmic dysfunction with hormone imbalances. I think we all recognize how important it is to be able maintain a loving, intimate relationship with our partners at any time in our life.

The media has contributed to the frustration and confusion women feel about what to do during menopause. So, out of the fear of cancer, etc., many women choose to go through menopause “naturally” and do not understand that the consequences of that can be devastating to their health and the quality of life they will experience for many, many years thereafter.

Menopause is when our ovaries, the little organs that makes our female hormones and “pop out” our eggs each month, completely stop functioning. In fact, they completely dissolve and, instead of being ‘juicy’ plump organs, they dry up like little raisins. Fellas, how would you feel you woke up and realized that your testicles weren’t working and in fact had dried up into little raisins AND would never function again? Not so good, huh? Well, that’s how lousy it feels to us when this process begins.

When menopause hits, your body does not stop needing all your female hormones. Maybe you believe an herb can replace the God-given hormone that used to be made naturally by your body. If your doctor told you your thyroid was not functioning properly anymore, would you run to the health food store and grab an herb, or kelp? How about if your pancreas gave out? Or the doctor told you that you have diabetes. I know you all would say: “No thanks Doc. I’m going to use cinnamon, exercise and diet, because there is no way I’m using any of that natural Human Insulin hormone. I’d rather go into comas, lose my kidneys and go blind, than ever take insulin." Ridiculous, right? So, why are we so superstitious over our female hormones and body parts? I think it’s very strange, and women need to hear the truth.

Our bodies panic when menopause hits. That is why symptoms can be so severe for some women. Our metabolism immediately drops to subzero, which brings on hot flashes, night sweats, severe fatigue, joint aches and arthritis, muscle weakness, trouble sleeping, mood swings, rages, sensitivity and, often, a lot of weight gain (especially abdominal fat). You see, the body now has only one way to manufacture all the female hormones and that is by breaking down fat to cholesterol, cholesterol to progesterone to pregnalone to testosterone to estrogen, etc. Now this is a huge biochem cascade of chemical reactions that we had to memorize in med school and it is nowhere as simple as I just wrote it, but believe me it exists.

So we are stuck with the abdominal fat, decreased libido for life and sex, and fatigue - UNLESS we intervene by finding a doctor who will evaluate our hormone status (and our overall health) so we can begin adding back what our bodies have lost. If we can get this process to arrest and reverse we will begin to feel better and see the change in weight and increase in muscle return.

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