Can WaterWorks Help Prevent Yeast and Bacterial Infections?

>> Friday, August 26, 2016

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Yeast and bacterial infections come as a result of vaginal imbalance that can be caused for many reasons. Some of the more common causes are taking antibiotics, wearing a wet swimsuit or nylon/lycra clothing during long periods of time in hot weather, wearing thong underwear, douching or allowing semen to remain in your vagina.

Yeast infections can cause an abundant amount of thick, whitish discharge, vaginal swelling, and intense puritis or itching that can be unbearable. This irritation and itching may also be felt around the anus, labial area and urethra. It can also cause burning on urination. I have had many patients come in worried about a urinary tract infection, when it was really a vaginal yeast or bacterial infection.

Now, as for the men - you may have heard or boyfriends talk about 'jock-itch'. Well that is usually just external yeast or fungal infections men get from sweating in the heat. In answering the question as to whether we pass yeast or bacterial infections to our partners, the answer is no. But men can get a little itching for a few hours after sex that usually goes away quickly.

Women have found that the odor associated with their infections can really interfere with intimacy, and they have been turning to alternative solutions to help. More and more women are seeking non-pharmaceutical ways to prevent yeast and bacterial infections from coming back again and again.

Waterworks is the only vaginal cleansing system made just for this purpose. It uses only natural tap water, with it's uniquely designed stainless-steel nozzle, to clean out the vagina of unwanted discharge or left-over semen. Many women are reporting that they stopped vaginal odor the first time they used it, even after battling with vaginal odor for years. The best thing is that since WaterWorks can be used everyday they have been able to stay ahead of yeast and bacterial infections by keeping the vagina clean and rinsing out semen right away, before it has a chance to change vaginal pH.

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