Combating Vaginal Odor with WaterWorks

>> Friday, May 13, 2016

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A few patients I saw this week reminded me that they had been using their WaterWorks for over a year now. How exciting! I am happy to hear them report how much it has helped them. Joy was in yesterday, and she said that she uses it almost every day in the shower, after her menstrual, and after intercourse, and has felt so much more confident and comfortable during sex, because the odor and discharge she had before is gone! How awesome is that? And she has not even had to use any of the usual vaginal gels, creams or antibiotics that she used over and over again before she started using WaterWorks.

That makes me so happy for her because she is one of so many of women out there who have the same problem. I know this because for 15-19 years in my practice I have heard all of you struggling to get rid of vaginal odors and excess discharge. But the products available over-the-counter only bring temporary relief, and then it all comes back, sometimes worse than before, right? I also know there are home remedies and natural remedies that are passed around, such as Colloidal silver and lemon juice tampons, vinegar and peroxide douches and various herbal solutions.

In my opinion, these do work for a time, just like the prescription medications, but they are not helping your own vaginal defenses to “kick-in” so the cycle of healing can take place. The vagina is very good at self-cleaning because it has host of natural bacteria that reside there and problems occur when other substances enter the vagina (or we have a change in our bodies from illness, childbirth, or menopause).

The natural good vaginal bacteria is lactobacilli which is the same bacteria used to culture yogurt. Normally the smell or taste of vaginal discharge is similar to plain yogurt; a neutral, non-offensive odor. The different odor comes from the type of bacteria that are infecting at that time. Each bacterium has a unique smell. Dirt smells like dirt because of the bacteria that naturally lives in dirt. So I could blindfold you and hold a plate of dirt in front of you and you would know it was dirt by the way it smelled, or I could hold a vial of the “dirt” bacteria to your nose and you would think I had dirt in front of you.

My excitement over WaterWorks as an OB/GYN and a woman is that it is an all-natural, green product. It is meant to be reused and it is used with only tap water, no medications, no chemicals. I have a lot of you write in worried about using tap water and want to use distilled or bottled water but that is just not necessary. People brush their teeth, shower and cook with tap water. The WaterWorks system works by a reaction that takes place between the stainless steel nozzle and the water with the vaginal mucosa to extinguish unwanted odor. It’s so simple, don’t make it complicated. The water sprinkles out gently, unlike regular douching where it shoots out and can push infection up into your uterus and tubes. This makes WaterWorks much safer than traditional douching.

I hope for those of you still battling vaginal odor and discharge that this helps you understand about the WaterWorks Cleansing system and why it is so exciting to all of us.

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