Can I have sex during my period?

>> Thursday, January 29, 2015

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There is a myth that it's dangerous or morally wrong to have sex during your period. This comes from certain beliefs passed down for many years when women were thought to be impure while on their period. Now we know that there are actually several good health reasons to do so.

For instance, having an orgasm creates a natural painkiller in our body called endorphins. Amazingly, these endorphins not only relieve pain but also muscle cramps & tension!!! So…WOW!! This means that orgasms, since the Uterus is a muscle, can actually relieve menstrual cramps and help with headaches. So much for using the excuse of having a headache to avoid sex! Endorphins also function as natural antidepressants and help with anxiety and PMS.

I feel really sad for women who do not enjoy sex or have never had an orgasm because they are missing out on so many benefits. Some women just endure sex and feel isolated because they don't understand what the "Big Deal" is. They do not know that they are not alone. It is common for women to feel let down as they never felt the awesome release of an orgasm. Many women have a hard time having an orgasm during vaginal sex and need oral (not the best idea on your period) or anal sex and nipple stimulation.

Because I am an Ob/Gyn, I listen to women everyday who enjoy sex but find they need to sneak away to use a vibrator or if comfortable, let their partner do it. Lots of couples use sex toys to spice up their love making. I recommend all women to have a vibrator not only for orgasm after sex, but to use in private as a way to get to know your own body so you can guide and teach your partner. It's funny, but men often find it exciting and like it when their woman "takes charge" and teaches them. It's the same for us as well. Vibrators do NOT desensitize women or make it harder to have an orgasm. That is just another old-fashioned myth.

It's just difficult for some women to relax enough to have an orgasm with their partner, and find it easier when alone and completely uninhibited. If you can orgasm alone, then you can communicate to your partner what it will take. Remember, orgasms with release of endorphins create relaxation and a sense of well-being. If the blood bothers you, then have sex in the shower or bath.

Also, don't forget, WaterWorks is wonderful to use to cleanse the blood and semen from your vagina. This can reduce the chance of extreme pH imbalance and abnormal odor and itching.
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