Could Changes in My Cycle be a Sign of Cancer?

>> Thursday, November 20, 2014

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In my last blog, I discussed the frustration and worry of abnormal vaginal bleeding. Nothing is more frustrating than unpredictable vaginal bleeding that keeps happening over and over. I have discussed extensively in prior blogs the different reasons for abnormal bleeding, both serious and not serious. I have also discussed that the major concern for most of us is that the abnormal bleeding could relate to cancer or some other life-threatening illness.

Women use monthly cycles to monitor our overall health. This means that when our periods are regular, we assume our bodies are healthy. When we start having irregular, heavy or prolonged bleeding or no bleeding at all, it can be alarming. The most common thing I hear is, "My cycles are so regular, I can calculate not just the day, but almost the hour my period will start."

This puts it into perspective why it can be so scary when there is a change. Many of you logon to the Internet for an immediate explanation or an answer. Of course, this only increases anxiety because the first thing you may read about is uterine, cervical or other female cancer.

While that can be one cause, cancer is a rare reason for abnormal periods. There are so many more common reasons for abnormal bleeding than cancer. I'm not saying I would ignore it and not check for cancer, but I would be checking for everything from ovarian cysts to hormone imbalance. I mentioned many of these disorders in the last blog but did not go into detail as I've done that in past blogs and will do it again.

What is important is that non-cancerous causes are just that, non cancerous. They won't just magically change into a malignant cancerous situation.

Please, if you are experiencing changes in your periods, go to your doctor first, not the Internet. I know it's hard, but negative information can cause stress and anxiety and can actually worsen the bleeding and irregularity.

Don't forget to write in if you have questions. Have a wonderful week and please check out our WaterWorks for help with feminine hygiene and to stop recurrent vaginal odor.
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