Hormone Imbalance and the Impact Upon Your Health

>> Tuesday, March 18, 2014

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We are just beginning to see the profound affects that hormone-laden meats and dairy products are having on both young and older women. These powerful hormones can interfere and override our own hormone balance, causing irregularities of menstrual cycles, ovulation, fertility, weight gain, mood changes and overall health. We are also seeing increases in some cancers at a younger age, auto-immune and metabolic disease like diabetes, hypertension, increases in cholesterol, PCOs (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), and thyroid disorders.

One would think, with the advances in technology, seemingly increased knowledge and the increased access to the Internet, that we would be moving in the other direction - toward supreme health.

Many of you tell me, "Dr. Boyd, I exercise and eat very well, mostly vegetarian, and cutting out sugar, white flour products, eating low glycemic carbs and gluten free foods like everyone did back in the 60's and 70's.. so why the continuing struggle with weight, fatigue, and unwanted body changes?"

The unfortunate truth is that genetics and aging are continually at work against us. As we live and observe the people closest to us, it is obvious. No matter how hard some of us fight it, we end up shocked when we see the reflection of our own mom looking back at us. How can this be, when we've worked so hard to exercise, eat better and have access to so many anti-aging creams and formulas?

Aging is still the most powerful force against us, and, to-date, scientists have had little success in changing this. We all know people who look younger than everyone else for their age because of plastic surgery, aesthetics procedures, Botox, and facial fillers, but these do nothing to slow the aging of our organs internally. So, it can come as a shock when they have a stroke or heart failure and die. The illusion can make us believe in youth and health.

Interestingly, some of my overweight patients have better cholesterol, blood sugar values and blood pressure that those their same age who are of normal weight.

Because of the increase of hormones in our diet from plastics and animal products, it is common to see hormone imbalance at a much younger age, from teens and up. Younger women are experiencing menopause symptoms even though menopause doesn't normally show up until around age 52.

This is why so many of you are coming in concerned with vaginal dryness, and lack of sexual desire. I know that some of you have also been concerned that your clitoris is smaller, making sex and orgasms less pleasurable. All of these issues can be so frustrating: vaginal dryness and atrophy, painful sex and changes in vaginal discharge and odor.

Usually we don't see these changes until women are much older and have been in menopause for years. It is just puzzling and unexpected when it occurs when women are so young. Once hormone changes begin to affect us physically, it can take months to years to reverse them.

It is important to see your doctor to get hormone, thyroid and metabolic panels done. These will help you and your doctor understand what is happening in your body. Hormone creams and other remedies can help reset and reverse these changes. There are also treatments to help with the vaginal symptoms and odor, while you are waiting for the hormone treatments to work.

We all know, as more and more healthcare providers are recommending WaterWorks, that it is the safest method of reversing vaginal odors, and it can help with discharge too. Since it is a safe, all natural, non-chemical method, it won't interfere with any of the regimens being used to balance your hormones.

WaterWorks is the newest revolution that has changed women's hygiene methods and confidence, as regular use keeps unwanted odors away.
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