Advice For Dealing With Chronic Vaginitis

>> Wednesday, January 8, 2014

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Most women gauge their health by their menstrual regularity and their vaginal health. As a gynecologist, I experience this through my patients on a daily basis. Any signs of abnormal bleeding or discharge, missed periods (or too many periods) or unexpected pain during sex, sets off an internal alarm to seek medical help. Women are sensitive and intuitive, and because changes in our periods or discharge can signal pregnancy, cancer, metabolic diseases or infection, it's no wonder they are concerned.

Chronic vaginitis can cause vaginal redness, itching or irritation, bleeding between periods or after sex and abnormal amounts of discharge. Sometimes there can also be a sensation of a mass or bulge in your vagina, accompanied by a sensation of pressure or heaviness in your vagina.

Sexually transmitted infections can affect the vagina, including genital warts, syphilis and genital herpes. These require specific medications for healing. The vagina can also form cysts and abscesses which will cause pain during sex or make it difficult to insert a tampon.

Chronic vaginitis can affect our fertility, desire and ability to enjoy sex and reach orgasm. Ongoing vaginitis causing odor and inflammation brings stress that interferes with healing and can result in relationship problems. Chronic stress often leads to anxiety and depression, but even slight mood changes can contribute to a lack of sexual desire. This causes hormone changes resulting in discomfort and pain during sex. So we see how it becomes a cycle circling back again and again.

Of course, we are taught about the importance of hygiene when we are young. Bathing, brushing our teeth, dental checkups, washing our hands before we eat, etc., but somehow vaginal hygiene is over-looked or just assumed. If we are lucky, we are taught not to douche, use perfumed soaps, feminine sprays or scented pads and tampons.

WaterWorks is a wonderful way of maintaining vaginal hygiene naturally, without disturbing your natural vaginal flora. Regular use of WaterWorks has been reported by users to help prevent vaginitis and its recurrence. It is an easy way to maintain vaginal health and cleanliness. It is reusable and is considered a "green" product. Check out the WaterWorks website to see how it works!!
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