Can a vagina become 'loose' with age?

>> Thursday, December 12, 2013

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I'm sorry that some women have been made to feel inadequate because they feel that age and childbirth have caused their vagina to be "too loose".

While it is true that age and gravity can cause bladder or uterine prolapse, and that lack of estrogen can change the way our vagina stretches and produces moisture, it is rare for a woman to have a "loose" vagina. In fact the vagina shrinks as we age.

What we do feel is nerve damage that takes place after vaginal birth. It makes it harder for us to squeeze and tighten our vaginal muscles. This nerve damage can also make it harder for us to feel a man inside, and this can create problems with orgasm. The G-Spot, which is mid-vagina on the top, can be completely paralyzed and torn apart. Nerve damage makes it hard to feel, and can make us perceive that we are "loose" because we can't squeeze as tight as before.

There is no cream that I know of for tightening the vagina, but if you are nearing or in menopause, estrogen vaginal creams are helpful for restoring youthfulness to the vaginal tissues and helping with urinary problems.
Surgery is the only way to correct vaginal damage and prolapse of bladder and uterus, and to tighten the vagina by repairing the muscles underneath.

Kegel exercises are also helpful, and you can find explanations of these online. They have been used for many years to help women recover after birth, restore urinary continence, improve their difficulty holding back gas and restore strength of vaginal muscles. These work in mild cases but not in cases where there has been underlying damage to the tissues.

As for men, well they only complain about not getting sex. I've never known a man to notice the size of the vagina, and if they do - perhaps it's because they are shrinking or having problems with erections. Because of their own lack of self-esteem, they may want to blame the woman. A smart man would never do that, as it would certainly mean he can expect to never get any sex from his woman again.

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