How Can I Feel Cleaner During and After My Menstrual Cycle?

>> Thursday, October 31, 2013

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I can't believe another week just flew by and October is almost over. Wow! The Holidays are here - the kiddos will be out in their costumes ringing our doorbells all bright-eyed and excited, some even accompanied by their family dog in costume! It all makes me smile, and I know you all have traditions that you celebrate this time of year that make you feel the same.

Well, this week Nicole wrote in and asked a great question.

How can I feel cleaner during and after my menstrual cycle?

Many women on their cyclesconstantly feel unclean due to the bleeding making them feel messy, and because the pH change can cause unusual odors.

The constant wetness or overflow from heavy bleeding can stain our underwear or soak through onto our outer clothing, making this time challenging.

Some of the the best tips are the simplest:

**Shaving or trimming excess pubic hair helps prevent dried blood, or tiny blood clots from sticking to the hair. This can help make you feel cleaner and help prevent odor.

**Using tampons also can help some women feel cleaner, as the bleeding is contained internally as opposed to the feeling of sitting on a soggy, wet pad all day.

**Resting more often and not missing sleep is very important. Increasing to 2 or 3 baths or showers a day can also go a long way in helping you feel more fresh.

I am shocked to read and get questions from so many women who douche during and after their cycles to feel cleaner. This is absolutely the worst thing you can do! I have stressed in the past that I, as well as most Ob/Gyn's, do not want you to ever douche because of all the problems it causes (as we have discussed previously).

When a women is on her cycle, the cervix, which is the opening to the uterus through which the menstrual blood and babies come, is slightly open. If you douche at this time, the forceful pressure of the flow of fluid can force bacteria and old blood from the vagina back up into the uterus and fallopian tubes, potentially causing PID,
(pelvic inflammatory disease), infertility or peritonitis.

The affects of tubal scarring can happen without even having symptoms of fever or pain when it happens. If this does happen pregnancy can become difficult and many women have had to see infertility specialists for invitro-fertilization. The consequences can be serious.

WaterWorks is the new popular vaginal cleansing system and the only one I would recommend to help with feminine odor. Even though it looks and works a lot like a traditional douche, it is very different because: 1) It uses only natural tap water; 2) The gentle flow of water is directed downward instead of up or out like most douches; 3) It uses the unique and safe odor-elimination power of stainless steel combined with running water. lows through a reusable stainless steel vaginal end. The reaction of running water with its stainless steel nozzle effectively eliminates vaginal odor without and because the water sprinkles out of the vaginal end instead of shooting out, risk of infection entering the uterus and fallopian tubes. and causing scarring and infertility.

The best part of it is you can reuse it, and you can use it every time you shower or bathe without causing vaginal pH changes.

While I do not recommend using any douches during heavy flow days, women who want to feel fresher during their cycle can use WaterWorks on light days (spotting days) and, most definitely, I recommend using WaterWorks right after your menstrual period is over.
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