How to Prevent Urinary Tract Infections

>> Wednesday, March 27, 2013

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This is a great question, because UTIs (urinary tract infections) are one of the most common infections in women, and one of the easiest to prevent. The answer to the above question is yes, it is very important to get up and empty your bladder after having sex. Also,you should clean the vaginal area, because bacteria from the rectum, vagina or your male partner can get pushed up your urethra (the opening on the outside of the female body where we urinate, and which connects to the bladder during intercourse.

Staying clean is one of the most important ways to prevent UTIs. That is why so many women are using WaterWorks, because they know it is the only FDA-cleared vaginal cleansing device that can be used to rinse out semen and discharge from the vagina. It rids the vagina of unwanted odors, semen and discharge that can linger for hours after intercourse, and which put you at higher risk of vaginal and urinary tract infections.

Douching has generally never been recommended by doctors because it uses harsh chemicals that can destroy the natural vaginal floral needed to keep the vagina healthy. But, many women struggle with the feeling that their hygiene is incomplete without cleansing their vagina. WaterWorks, although it looks a lot like a douche, is entirely different. It uses only plain, natural tap water in a reusable, refillable bag that is connected to sturdy plastic tubing. The nozzle is made of medical grade stainless steel designed to comfortably fit into the vagina and which allows the water to sprinkle out, in a gentle, downward fashion disposable douches that shoot chemical solution out forcefully, disrupting the healthy vaginal flora chemical douches can actually create a cycle of recurrent UTIs and vaginal infections.

When trying to prevent UTIs, it is also important to drink lots of water to flush out your kidneys and bladder help keep them clear of bacteria. Cranberry juice and some other citrus and fruit juices can acidify your urine, and the lower pH prevents the growth of bacteria. It is important to urinate after sex, but it is also just as important to empty your bladder before sex, as less trauma occur to an empty bladder during intercourse.

Urinating when you feel the urge and not holding back too long is important if you get frequent UTIs. Of course, making sure to always wipe from front to back ensures that the fecal matter from the anal area doesn't get near the urethra. Wearing thong underwear is controversial (from a medical perspective), and maybe should not be worn if you are someone who gets frequent UTIs. Regardless of style, cotton underwear seems to the best choice.

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