Can I Use WaterWorks to "Clean Up" After Sex?

>> Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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A great question came this week from JMW. She has noticed that after having sex with her husband, she 'leaks' his semen for a day or two, and wondered if using WaterWorks after vaginal intercourse would stop this from happening. She also wondered how long it take for the water to drain out of your vagina after using WaterWorks. I'm assuming the last part comes from a worry that water, instead of semen, would 'leak' out for a day or two.

Your question is one of concern for so many women, and one that I am asked quite often. Women tell me that even bathing or showering after sex doesn't seem to help. After awhile, it's hard to know if the “leaking” is still semen, or perhaps the beginnings of an infection. How many of you have experienced this? WaterWorks is a perfect way to clean-up after vaginal sex. With proper cleaning between use, WaterWorks is designed to be used time and time again, so you don't have to keep spending money once you've purchased it. Plus it uses only plain tap water; no chemicals and no special solutions.

It is the design of the stainless steel nozzle that makes WaterWorks unique. The reaction of stainless steel and water with the vaginal mucosa removes any odors. Also, because it gently sprinkles water in a downward direction within the vagina (no high pressure or shooting action), the water drains out immediately. So, it will rinse out the semen or any vaginal discharge with no 'leaking' after use. WaterWorks can be used daily with no side effects.

We know from our previous answers that it is important for the vagina to maintain a low pH to stay healthy and keep yeast and bacterial infections away. That is why hygiene after vaginal sex is so important. It is important to rinse the semen out as soon as possible as it has a higher pH. The longer it stays in the vagina, the more likely it is to cause unusual vaginal odors, and destroy the delicate vaginal environment that keeps infections away.

You may be interested to learn that the vagina does not go straight up vertically. When a woman stands upright, the vagina actually lies in a slanted, horizontal plane; it goes up, in, and back towards your tailbone and this is why it takes so long for semen to drain out. Also, semen and discharge are thicker than water, and therefore take longer to drain out

One of the top uses for WaterWorks is to help with daily hygiene, especially rinsing out semen after vaginal intercourse. And with WaterWorks this can be done safely without disrupting the vagina's own defense like douching does. Don’t forget, douching with traditional disposable douches can actually create an environment that can lead to yeast and bacterial infections. So I hope this answers your question. I hope you are all having a great summer! It is hot, hot here in the Southwest, but lots of blue sky and sunshine.
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