Can I Get Pregnant or Contract an STD in the Hot Tub?

>> Wednesday, December 19, 2012

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For some reason, many women have been told, or somehow believe, that if they have sex in water, it will somehow work to prevent pregnancy - like a natural contraceptive. But, water will not prevent a pregnancy from possibly happening (even if the man pulls out before ejaculating) once any sperm have been released into the vagina.

Of course, some women also worry that, if a man even ejaculates into the water, a woman would be at risk for getting pregnant. There are many explanations as to why women cannot get pregnant just by swimming in a pool or Jacuzzi where sperm may be present. If ejaculation takes place in hot water (like a hot tub or Jacuzzi), or water filled with pool chemicals like chlorine, sperm would not be able to survive for more than a few seconds.

Also, the water in a regular pool is too cold for sperm to live, and sperm could last for only a few minutes if a man ejaculates in warm water even with no chemicals (like a bath tub). It would also be so difficult for sperm to swim through the water in a bath tub, pool or Jacuzzi and find the vagina open enough to even get in.

Sexually transmitted infections, HIV, and additional bacterial infections can still be spread while having sex in a pool, ocean, lake or in a hot tub. This means that it is important to use birth control during water sex that can provide STD protection. Although hormonal methods may protect against pregnancy, they do not provide any defense against STDs, like using condoms does.

Even though condoms are effective at preventing pregnancy and STDs, they may be somewhat risky to use during underwater sex. They can possibly rupture from decreased lubrication and possibly deteriorate from heat, chlorine, or oil-based substances in the water like tanning lotion, sun screen and bubble bath. There is also the added threat that the condom can slip off if water gets into it, and a man may be unaware of this happening.

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