Summer Heat and Recurrent Yeast Infections

>> Thursday, July 5, 2012

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Summer time with all the excess sweating, can bring a handful of problems.   Athletic wear has come a long way to help allow the body to breath better while it heats up during exercise.   It is built to wick away some of the excess moisture.  Undergarments have used some of this same technology with good success in reducing common recurring infections.

I see some women a lot more often when the weather heats up, because common infections like yeast, bacterial vaginosis, beta-strep and external genital fungal infections are much more frequent.  This can be extremely frustrating and I know many of you even worry about underlying causes like a weakened immune system, diabetes, liver disease, thyroid disorders, or other chronic illnesses.  All of these concerns are valid and are great reasons to see your doctor to have all the appropriate tests taken and evaluated.  This way, your care can be individualized for you. 

Many of you, just like me, would like to know if there are "natural" ways to treat these reoccurring, benign vaginal infections.  It gets tiring buying and re-buying the same medications as these infections always seem to reoccur.

Set aside the notion of 'sexually transmitted' for a minute, as a lot of you are in stable, monogamous sexual relationships, and have been for many years.  You may be having over-the-top, satisfying sex, because like a fine wine, it just gets better with time, right?  Better (if we can use that word to describe it) and more comfortable - which leads to more imaginative play and fun positions and a desire to try more and more adventurous experiences together.  But, a lot of you wonder if it is possible for your husband (or partner) and you to  pass this  back and forth over and over again. The answer to this is, 'no.'

Recurrent infections and irritations can be so frustrating!  Even though you may feel like the only woman with this problem, it is so common.  Most of you have been given the standard treatments like fluconazole for recurrent vaginal yeast infections and its external vulvar and anal itching. 

Fluconazole works great most of the time, but you may wonder whether there is any way to just heal this and get better.  The good news is that several trials and comparisons are showing that probiotics are making a huge difference, when combined with traditional treatment and a healthy lifestyle that encourages a healthy immune system.  Why is this?  Probiotics are composed of the natural bacteria that colonize our bodies like lactobacillus and bifidobacteri. These bacteria release a surfactant that prevents the candida or other forms of yeast from adhering to the tissues like the vagina.  In addition, probiotics compete with the yeast and will  secrete antibiotic substances to destroy the competition.

Studies indicate that women with recurrent infections who took a capsule of lactobacilli and L. fermentum had a significant decrease of yeast after 4 weeks.  When combined with fluconazole and taken for 28 days, many women were cured of vulvovaginitis.  This is great news and encouraging for all of you who have seen your doctor and had cultures and know it is not from a chronic, underlying illness.

One more piece of help from me is that those of you using the WaterWorks system 3-4 times a week or daily will have added benefit.            
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