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>> Friday, January 13, 2012

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Labiaplasty has to be the most controversial procedure I do today. I have at least two patients a month express concern about the differences in appearance of their labia. They compare themselves to pictures of other women, friends and family.

They worry because their labia minora is longer than their labia majora and this has caused them a lot of discomfort and irritation. For many women, elongated or uneven labia minora can cause severe dysparunea during sex as the labial are dragged into the vagina and pinched. During exercise they can rub on clothing and cause severe chaffing of the the labia and perineum. There are no quick fixes or easy cures.

For many women their only option is to undergo surgery. Luckily the surgical technique has been refined over the past few years. What does this mean? Well, faster healing time because rather than just incising the irregular portion a V-shaped wedge is removed and then the newly made raw edges are brought together and stitched. This preserves the natural edges of the labia and prevents the raw edges from being exposed. Not only does this promote faster healing, but it decreases post operative pain. Wonderful!!

I'm sure a lot of you have many more questions and some of you couldn't imagine surgery to this part of your bodies. But before and after pictures show how beautifully it heals and that change makes a difference in the lives of those women.

Consider the FDA cleared WaterWorks device that gently cleanses our vagina and labia, removing unwanted odor and discharge. 
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