The Birth Control & STD Dilemma

>> Thursday, June 9, 2011

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Dr. KnowYourV,

I am 36 years old and have been engaged to my boyfriend for the past 2 years. We have had a mutually exclusive sexual relationship for the past four years. Our only form of birth control has been condoms as I have had problems with everything else.

Okay, so what happened is during sex the condom slipped off and got stuck way up inside me and I didn’t know until afterwards when he couldn’t find it. We tried to check inside me but it hurt me to have to reach in so far. I started to panic a little because I did not know if it was going to cause infection, if I could get pregnant, or what to do.

What really hurt me though is I found out he cheated on me with one of his old girlfriends! Well I could not get in to my gynecologist for a week as she was on vacation. So I had to go to my Primary Care Doctor and she was able to retrieve the condom and do cultures to check for infection. I’ve been reading your blog for a long time & you always have answers that make sense to me, tell me if you know any other thing I need to worry about.

Thank you.

Gosh Hsueling, I am sorry to hear you had to go through so much! I know it was very painful. I am glad you went to your doctor and it sounds like she did the right thing by removing the condom and doing the cultures to screen for any STD’s. The only other thing that needs addressed is the possibility of accidental pregnancy.

Unlike tampons, condoms rarely raise the concern of causing an infection by being left inside the vagina. This is because condoms are not made of absorbable material like tampons so the worry of toxic shock is minimized.

So, once the condom was removed, the most important next step is to test for infection. If the presence of the condom has caused an increase in vaginal discharge, it should subside quickly once condom is removed. If the discharge persists after the condom is removed and you have an odor, it may be a bacterial infection and can be treated easily with an appropriate prescription medication.

Of course, in your situation, it is possible your finance did pass a STD to you. Any STD can also increase discharge and be malodorous so it is crucial to get the information on results and have treatment as soon possible.

Since the sperm and the egg can meet and fertilization can take place literally within a matter of minutes after ejaculation, pregnancy is a viable consequence. Luckily, implantation does not take place for a few days and the newest emergency contraceptives are designed to stop this specific progress. Yeah!! What a relief! That means you can take this method within the specified amount of days after losing a condom with all the sperm inside your vagina (or for a broken condom or if for some reason he just didn’t pull out quick enough & ended up releasing all the sperm
inside you).

The new Plan B that can be purchased at any pharmacy with a script from your doctor. You can also take 3 a day for five days, this will also prevent pregnancy. Usually once you finish the regime, your cycle will begin.

Remember also that if you are still struggling with vaginal odor problems not caused by vaginal infection, no matter how long it has been going on or how often it comes and goes, WaterWorks is the answer. We all know that battling with vaginal odor can cause unnecessary stress and worry.
WaterWorks is so easy to use and can eliminate odor with the first use! Just that is a relief and it works. WaterWorks is all natural and does not contain harsh chemicals. The uniquely designed medical grade stainless steel nozzle is completely reusable. It has a sturdy stylish water container for the water (plain, warm tap water only) and clear tubing that has a clasp to control water flow.

WaterWorks can eliminate odor because of the stainless steel nozzle that is designed perfectly to fit comfortably in the vagina. The water flows through the nozzle with gentle sprinkle rather that using a forceful flow like most douches. There is the chemical reaction that takes place between the stainless steel, water and vaginal mucosa that eliminates the odor. This gentle flow of water will never force unwanted bacteria further up and into the uterus or fallopian tubes. Should that happen, serious pelvic infections can occur that can even put you at risk for infertility. Most women use WaterWorks everyday or immediately after sex to rinse out semen. The longer the semen sits in the vagina the more at risk you are for infections or vaginal pH imbalances. It always leaves you feeling clean and fresh. How wonderful!

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