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>> Thursday, February 3, 2011

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Dear KnowYourV, , my husband travels for his job right now and it seems like every time he comes home I'm on my period. Is it okay to have sex while I’m on my cycle?"
I know many of you have the same question and I encourage you to do whatever you and your partner enjoy. The only health risk is a slight increase in the chance of catching an STD, so if you are single and having ‘casual’ sex with more than one partner, be sure to practice “safe sex” precautions. The cervix is slightly open during our cycles, which puts us at a much higher risk for PID (pelvic inflammatory disease), and other ascending-type diseases.

Remember to use your WaterWorks feminine cleansing system after sex. It is the only FDA-cleared reusable vaginal cleansing device of its kind. Everyone I have recommended it to loves it because not only does it help rinse the vagina , but it also will help with odor. I would not recommend the use of WaterWorks on heavy flow days, but on light days it definitely help you feel more confident and clean.

WaterWorks uses only plain tap water and can be used daily or even more often, if used after sex to clean out semen. It is the unique reaction of water with the medical grade stainless-steel nozzle that clears odors and discharge. WaterWorks uses a gentle downward sprinkling/rinsing action instead of a forced pressure action, which keeps the flow of bacteria and discharge out, not back up inside your body.

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