Thyroid Medicine and Pregnancy

>> Thursday, December 30, 2010

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Dear KnowYourV,  

"I'm on prescription medication for my thyroid, is it safe to keep taking this or other prescriptions while I'm trying to get pregnant?"

I have gotten this question from a number of you and the answer is, "Yes!!" (but you should always check with your own healthcare professional). In fact, many prescription medications are safe to take while trying to get pregnant.

Prescription medications are put in categories A,B,C,X, with A having no affect on fetus and X being a medication or substance that is prohibited. This makes is very easy for any healthcare professional to look up a medication and know whether it is safe for pregnancy or should be changed.

If you are on medications and trying to get pregnant, it is a good idea to make and appointment with your doctor to see if any of them need to be changed.

Some medications like Sharon's thyroid medication are essential but if not correctly dosed, may cause difficulty in becoming pregnant. This should be monitored by your doctor. Also high blood pressure, seizures, or diabetes may require that you be on medications and you doctor can make sure the one you are on is safe to use during pregnancy.

Even if you do have a medical condition that requires you take medication while pregnant, you can have a normal healthy pregnancy and baby. Take care of yourself, eat a healthy diet, and make sure you have a good Ob/Gyn and a MFM specialist to monitor you closely during your pregnancy.

Before we end I need to mention herbal and vitamin supplements. Because these can be easily obtained over-the-counter, without a prescription, many people don't think about them being harmful to a pregnancy. Some herbs can cause fetal defects, or cause fetal death. Make sure you check out all the supplements you're taking with your doctor.

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