How Can I Get Rid of Vaginal Odor? (I Don't Have an Infection)

>> Friday, October 28, 2016

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This week I want to address your questions about Vaginal Odor without an infection.

I am perplexed that such an important topic, such as vaginal odor and certainly one that affects so many women, has so little data and so few treatment options. Everywhere you go for answers, even medical books, it is described in the context of bacterial vaginosis (BV), being the main cause.

For the most part vaginal odor is accompanied by an increase in the pH of the vagina, normal pH usual runs lower around 4.0. It is this acidic environment that allows the 'resident' bacteria to remain higher than the yeast and infectious forms of bacteria. When the pH rises it can allow for an overgrowth and takeover by the yeast and infectious bacteria and with this comes the symptoms of malodor.

Sexual intercourse is a common cause of increased vaginal pH and is one reason women will notice strong odors after intercourse. The normal pH 7.8 for sperm allows them to live and is also very surgary in order to nourish the sperm. However, the alkaline, sugary solution can drastically affect the vagina as the 'bad' bacteria enjoy the surgary alkaline environment and begin to multiply. This, as stated above, can cause odor.

There are other changes a woman's body can go through that may change the normal vaginal odor such as pregnancy, menopause, and the taking of certain medications and vitamins. We talked about this a little bit last week, and this should not be in such a way as to create stress, irritation, foul odor or abnormal discharge. In these cases it would be best to be seen by your doctor for a check up.

The real concern are the many who battle with unwanted vaginal odor without an infection. Almost on a daily basis and no matter what treatments they have tried, it always comes back, always. This can be extremely heartbreaking and embarrassing as no matter how often creams and gels are used or how many times the area is cleansed the odor remains. One more trip to the doctor and you are given the same medications again and once again all the cultures and tests are negative, but the problem is still there.

I'm frustrated as a Doctor and I didn't know what to do until now. The one new thing I've found, most recently, has me so excited and I feel so good about getting you started with it. I stumbled on it by accident and after seeing it and getting it for the office for my patients to see and begin using, the results were amazing.

It is called WaterWorks Vaginal Cleansing System and is a simple device that resembles a douche, however, the nozzle portion is made of stainless steel and it has a reservoir for plain tap water and they connect together with a small tube. It works on the concept of a douche , using no chemicals only plain tap water, and it can be used as often as you like. It eliminates odor by the reaction of the stainless steel & water reaction with the vaginal mucosa. The same as chefs use stainless steel bars in the kitchen to remove onion and garlic odors from their hands when they are cooking.

The most wonderful part is my patients reported that their odor was eliminated the first time they used it. WOW! I was so happy for them. No more having to take medications or making the problem worse by over the counter douching or using harsh soaps. This is gentle, safe and effective vaginal cleansing device for anyone. Plus it is FDA approved. You can see for yourself. Go to Oh, and most importantly, reusable that made us all smile.

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